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Helping you enjoy life through music

I want you to learn to play the guitar to have fun and further enjoy your life with music.

My guitar method focuses on tapping into your creative side to get you learning more effectively and above all feeling constant accomplishment.

Wollongong Guitar Lessons Group Format

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Play Improvise Create

I adore improvising, creating, and playing with others blues, jazz ,funk flamenco and all groove based music styles. I want to share with you this exciting world and have you participating in it in no time.

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Hear and see me play live jazz, flamenco, blues, funk on my own in duos trios quartets. I love my flamenco guitars and my Stevie Ray Vaughn Stratocaster especially with a touch of Fender preamp valve distortion. 



I am thrilled to be back in Wollongong

I have been in Melbourne for the past 10 years.Now I am back offering Wollongong Guitar Lessons in my hometown. It has been a long time but I am happy to be here at 10 Rosemont St, West Wollongong, NSW 2500, Australia 

Check out my Guitar School in Melbourne with HUNDREDS of articles on how to learn. 


Upcoming Courses

All courses last 10 weeks, one hour per week.

You can study privately or in a group of 4.

Prices and Conditions

Wollongong Guitar Lessons and Courses

  • Level 1: Mondays 6 pm, starts August 1, 2 spots left
  • Level 2: Thursdays 6 pm, starts August 4, 2 spots left
  • Level 3: Wednesdays 6 pm, starts August 3, 1 spot left

Saturday Ensembles

One spot left for percussion, violin, vocal starting August 6.

Are you ready to start learning

Book a free 30 minute assessment; discover your guitar skills and the most adequate Guitar Course for you.

About Me

I am Thomas, a professional musician with over 45 years of experience

I am excited to share with you my knowledge and experience. I am a recording artist with over 35 albums, a Berklee College of Music Graduate, teacher,  composer and author of.

I have dedicated my life to learning how to be creative and explore my full potential as a musician and guitarist.

I want you to have fun so you can spend the rest of your life with music, as a pathway to feel good about yourself and others. 

The CGA Guitar Method

My contemporary structured guitar method will take you on a creative journey where you will explore your natural talent and definitely become a better you.

# 1 Basics

Your first step is to acquire a solid foundation on how to play the songs you love( Ed Sheeran, James Brown, Clapton, etc) in a group format. 

Wollongong Guitar Lessons The basics
Wollongong Guitar Lessons The basics

#2 Hear & Play

The objective: Hear a song you love  (simple of course), figure out the chords and melody on your own and play it with your group.

# 3 Styles/Improvisation

Start improvising in Jazz, Funk, Flamenco and Blues styles. This is where the fun really starts happening !

#4 Advance Improvisation

You will soon need to play MORE and more. Learn more improvisation techniques to make all your songs grow even more in Jazz, Blues, Clamenco and any contemporary style.

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