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Unlock Your Musical Potential with an Alternative Learning Method!

In a world where traditional music education often falls short for certain individuals, we believe in providing an alternative approach that caters to your unique needs. If you’re a guitar student with a passion for jazz or flamenco, or an adult learner who struggles with traditional reading-based methods, we have the solution for you.

Wollongong Guitar Lessons Group Format

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Play Improvise Create

Level 2: Transition to Improvisation.

This guitar course provides a proven method that guides classical musicians through the exciting journey of improvisation.

Learn how to break free from sheet music and embrace the art of spontaneous expression. Develop your improvisational skills and unlock a whole new dimension of musicality.

My advanced courses include Flamenco guitar and applied Orchestration and Arranging skills.


Breaking Barriers: Embrace a New Approach to Guitar Learning ​

I believe in inclusivity and providing opportunities for all individuals to pursue their musical aspirations. 

Traditional methods like reading sheet music can sometimes hinder adults on their musical journey. Many have also struggled to apply the knowledge gained from online guitar tutorials, finding it difficult to play in tempo, memorize chords, perform solos, or play in a band setting. 

 That’s why we offer an alternative learning method that celebrates individuality and meets you where you are. Our approach focuses on who you are as a learner, allowing you to thrive and enjoy the process of music education.


I am thrilled to be back in Wollongong

I have been in Melbourne for the past 10 years. Now I am back offering Wollongong Guitar Lessons in my hometown. It has been a long time but I am happy to be here at 10 Rosemont St, West Wollongong, NSW 2500, Australia 

Check out my Guitar School in Melbourne with HUNDREDS of articles on how to learn. 

Upcoming Courses

All courses last 10 weeks, one hour per week.

You can study privately or in a group of 4.

Prices and Conditions

Wollongong Guitar Lessons and Courses

  • Beginners Guitar  1    

    • Level 1: Mondays 6 pm, starts Nov 20 , 2 spots left

    Beginners Guitar 2

    • Level 2: Thursdays 6 pm, starts Nov 23 , 2 spots left

    Intermediate Guitar

    • Level 3: Wednesdays 6 pm, starts Nov 22, 1 spot left

Saturday Ensembles

One spot left for percussion, violin, vocal starting Nov 25

Are you ready to start learning

Book a free 30 minute assessment; discover your guitar skills and the most adequate Guitar Course for you.

About Me

Unlock Your Musical Journey with a Seasoned Recording Artist and Educator!


I’m thrilled to extend my knowledge and experience to you, as a passionate musician and dedicated teacher. With over 35 albums under my belt, a prestigious education from Berklee College of Music, and expertise as a composer and author of the renowned text book on Arranging and Orchestration, El Puzzle, I am here to help you unlock your full potential as a musician and guitarist.

Throughout my career, I have dedicated myself to the pursuit of creativity and exploring the limitless possibilities of music. I firmly believe that music should be a source of joy and fulfillment in your life. My ultimate goal is to provide you with an enjoyable learning experience so that you can embrace music as a lifelong companion, a pathway to not only feel good about yourself but also to connect with others on a profound level.



The CGA Guitar Method

My contemporary structured guitar method will provide extremely satisfying results for those who have had issues in learning to play the guitar properly in the past and do not have the time to study a variety of subjects to compliment what a standard teacher can offer.

# 1 Basics

Your first step is to acquire a solid foundation on how to play the songs you love( Ed Sheeran, James Brown, Clapton, etc) in a group format. 

Wollongong Guitar Lessons The basics

#2 Hear & Play

The objective: Hear a song you love  (simple of course), figure out the chords and melody on your own and play it with your group.

Wollongong Guitar lessons level 2

# 3 Styles/Improvisation

Start improvising in Jazz, Funk, Flamenco and Blues styles. This is where the fun really starts happening !Wollongong Guitar lessons level 3

#4 Advance Improvisation

You will soon need to play MORE and more. Learn more improvisation techniques to make all your songs grow even more in Jazz, Blues, Clamenco and any contemporary style.

Wollongong Guitar lessons level 4

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